Frederick of Holland, Duke, MSCA, OL, OP
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NEW: If it's AS42, I must be in the West.

There is new kerfluffle on the Board front and I have commented on it.  A task was set to the Grand Council to brainstorm about various things that basically added up to a trial baloon for pay to play or something like it. I wrote a couple of things and listened to what a lot of people were saying about membership, Kingdoms, the SCA and the like. I finally reached a conclusion. You can see the process by clicking on this well crafted link.

Who am I?
I am Frederick of Holland. I have no particular persona, other than the fact that I am a loyal subject of the Crown of the West. My name would place me in the east of England, sometime post-Conquest. My dress would place me in about the same general time and place.

What I am is what I do. I am a fighter, I have formed and led mercenary companies, but mostly I just place my body before that of my Prince. I am a Herald, court, book and field. I make songs and poems and perform them sometimes. I brew a little. I invent things that make my SCA life easier. I talk. I was made a Master of Arms in AS VI, a Master of the Pelican in AS XVIII, and a Master of the Laurel in AS XXXIII.

I was an attendee at the First Tournament. I have been active since then (with a couple of minor lapses when there wasn't SCA in the area I lived in). I have lived in the West, the Middle and the East (then returned to the West). I ruled as King in the East in AS XII, and in the West in AS XV. I have been a member since there were memberships, and have been a Board Critic since there was a Board. That's me. I write articles and advocate for things that I feel are worthwhile.  If you scroll down you'll see links to the West Kingdom Welcoming Committee and the Participation Membership Proposal.

Back in AS 40, I wrote:  In "honor" of the New Year, I've done several things. First, because of continuing problems with the NMS and the Western implementation thereof, I have written a Broadside to the West which you can read by clicking on the link. A neutral discussion of Members, Non-members and the NMS was written by Mistress Eilis O'Boirne at the request of Their Majesties Thorfinn and Geirdis as part of the current education phase about the meaning of these terms. Either or both of these documents may be downloaded, printed and used as hand-outs at gate or as topics for discussion at meetings.

At Beltane Coronation Festival, there was a competition for Bard of the West. The theme topic for composition on site was "A.S. 40". My take on the matter is called Thirty-nine Years and Counting. You can read it here or listen to me singing it at my computer here (legitimate mp3 file -- I made it myself). As with all my compositions, you are free to sing it yourself if you wish, just talk to me if you are going to try to make money in the process.


West Kingdom Welcome Committee (WKWC)
(New reports - January, 2005)

My Music and Stuff Page -- The new song has been added, 3 May, 2005.

Happy New Year, 1 May, xxxviii (A.S. 38)
(An old message, but still relevant.)

Participant Membership Proposal
(This is now old hat. I'm keeping it here to remind people that it is possible to think outside even our large and very peculiarly shaped box.)

To contact me about this site, email me at with "Website" in the subject line. Thanks are due to the University of California at Berkeley and the Chemistry Department thereof, who pay my salary and supply the host computer.

(Last update 17 January, 2008)

A few pictures of me in various places in the last couple of years.

Standing in court.        Fighting at Pennsic

Court Heraldry       Fighting at Tourney 2001

Pennsic 2001            A bardic Performance