The West Kingdom Welcome Committee
(modified 11 January, 2005)
Happy (Common Era) New Year

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Who is the WKWC? We are a group of subjects of the Crown of the West who are opposed to the Board-mandated Non-Member Surcharge (NMS). We feel that the NMS is contrary to the ancient traditions of the Kingdom, and are pledged to fight it. (Who and Why -- click here.) We are fighting it by offering to pay it for anyone who owes it.

NEW: The exact details of how the WKWC is paying vary from event to event. At large events we are generally using a system of tickets which are put in the cash box if the non-member accepted our gift. This seems to work at least for the moment. At smaller events we are just having the acceptance noted on the sign-in sheets and paying from there.

(Please note: The offer of the WKWC to pay the NMS is a proffered gift and a political act, not charity. As with any gift, it is not necessary for you to accept it, but we hope you will.)

Here is a statement of who we are and why we are doing this. (Click here for Who and Why.)

Here is a personal statement by Master Johann von Drachenfels about why he is opposed to the NMS. Please note that this was written back in 2003 when the NMS was being imposed, and contains references to a plan of mine to revamp the method of funding the SCA, Inc. That plan has since been abandoned, although the information is still in place on my web-site. This is a link to an off-site page and you cannot get back except with the BACK button.

    The WKWC is accepting donations and offers of help from any who wish to give. Please send donations to Frederick of Holland, Flieg Hollander, 3334 California Street, Berkeley, CA 94703, or see me at any event. The WKWC is a private concern, so donations to the WKWC are NOT tax-deductible.
     Frederick of Holland, Chairman, WKWC

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