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By Frederick of Holland (Flieg Hollander)
(Modified 14 July, 2003)

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So once upon a time I had an idea. I developed the idea and then I went to the Board with it. I hoped to show several things. First, that membership and funding models substantially different from our current models were capable of being developed and could be attractive. Commentary on the PMP from people visiting the site proved largely positive, in part because the PMP was developed, not just an "idea".

Second, I offered the idea to the Board to give them a chance to save on work on their part, a chance to show that they could be reactive to suggestions from the populace when offered with respect and hard work. They told me to my face that they appreciated the work that I had put into it. They agreed to put it out for membership comment. Then they didn't put it out for comment, but undertook to set up a "more general set of questions." Last I heard about that was more than a month ago. It hasn't happened either. But when/if it does happen, they want to link my site with the PMP to the web version of their questionnaire. So here it is: Table of Contents. I really recommend that you read the whole thing, as it holds together (or doesn't if you don't like it) as a whole, not as bits. In addition to the original proposed PMP, I made up a slightly different Plan B, just to show that variations on the theme were possible. I suggest you look at it after you have looked at the original PMP.

Please remember that the Board is NOT considering this plan at this time. This is only an example of how the Board/Corporate could be funded in a different way. There are many such possibilities. Some of them include memberships, others do not. Please comment only on the basic principles, not the particulars of implementation.

If you are interested in the whole history of this proposal, you can look here

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