Frederick of Holland
Music and stuff.

This is not a complete website of my work. It isn't even close. Gradually, I will be adding files of some of the poems and songs which say things which I think are important or which are fun. If you want to see a particular one up here, write me at my e-address and I'll see what I can do.

Current songs:

AS40: Thirty-nine Years and Counting (a celebration of growth) -- text -- MP3 (600KB)

AS39: In the City of Light (a cautionary tale) -- text -- midi (music) -- wav file (5MB) -- MP3 (450 KB) -- NWC (sheet music)

AS 37: Welcome Stranger, Welcome Friend -- text -- Midi file for music only. If you have Noteworthy Composer, you can download the written music here.

AS 37: A Founder's Song (a reaction to current trends) -- text. --- wav file (9MB) -- MP3 (900 KB)

A Founder's Song -- the concert version, as heard and recorded at Mists Bardic Competition. There are subtle and not-so-subtle differences between this and the home-recorded version. Eventually there will be a reconciliation of the two (and I'll write down the music and put it up here as well).
The concert version WAV file (13MB) and MP3 file (1.2MB)

(If you don't want to hear the whole thing, there is a file of only the first few verses in .wav (2MB) and MP3 (200kb) formats. Even the smaller files are pretty large, please be patient.

Older Songs and Poems:

AS 11 -- Why I joined the SCA -- text

AS 36 - The Grove -- text

                        - The Vision -- text -- Midi file of the tune.

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Page history:

3 May 2005 -- Added "Thirty-nine Years and Counting"

3 June 2004 -- Added "In the City of Light"

21 February -- I have added a new song; Welcome Stranger, Welcome Friend.

28 February -- While rummaging though my files, I discovered various songs and poems that I have written over time, all on the general subject of what the SCA ought to be and what it means to me. So I decided to put them all up here. The first one was written in AS xi, as a filk. The long gap between it and the next was a time when i was thinking about other things. There are a few more songs and poems that I am going to track down. They'll be added as I find them.

25 March -- Cosmetic update.

Updated: 3 May, 2005 (XL)