Participation Membership Proposal

What do I want/need you to do:
(modified 14 July, 2003)

14 July, 2003 -- newest new mod
Two and a half months pass and there may be a poll taken sometime in the next decade. I'm re-writing this so that it reflects being referenced by an official Board site. That means skip to the 4 March note and ignore the 11 April note. Or you can just jump to the PMP text.

11 April, 2003 -- newest mod

A month passes and the meaning changes again. Just because the Board reneged doesn't mean that they shouldn't get your commentary. If, somehow, you got here without going through the front page for the PMP, you can visit it here. Otherwise, you know what's going on -- keep reading, and thank you!

4 March, 2003 -- mod the first

The original of this sub-page was written while this site was not being referenced from the website as part of a poll. Some of it still applies: (I really do want your comments about how to make it more workable and what you see as potential problems.)

The main thing still is still -- Write to the Board of Directors! This is your SCA! If you do not comment you lose your voice!

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December, 2002 -- original text of this page

If you came to this web-site, you are interested in the possibility of change. If you think that my proposal is a good idea, write to the Board of Directors in favor of it. If you think it is a good idea, let me know (click here). If you see a problem which is not addressed by the proposal or answered by the FAQ write to me by clicking here and I will try to address it. Your question could end up in the FAQ! If you have a suggestion for making the proposal better or more workable, please send it to me; I may not agree, but I need the feedback. The proposal has already been dramatically improved from its first draft.

If you think that this proposal is a sign of the coming Apocalypse and should be fought against on the fields of Armageddon, write the to Board. Feel free to set up your own competing website, too; I'll link to it. Not only is this proposal about removing artificial distinctions, so is this website about freedom of expression.

I am sending this proposal to the Board. They could (but are not obligated to) address it at the January meeting. Every positive comment to the Board increases that possibility. If it is considered at the January meeting, it could be implemented by January, 2004!!!! (Six month official commentary period and six-month transition period.) This web-site is a work in progress - return often to check on modifications to the proposal and changes to the commentary. The News link will track changes to the site.
         [[March 4 -- OK, so I'm a real optimist. But at least the Board is asking for comments.]]

I am indebted to the members of the Grand Council of the SCA, a committee of the Board of Directors, for their continued commentary on this proposal. However, the presentation of this Proposal is my own, not their fault. The deliberations of the Grand Council are public information at ( You can either subscribe to the mailing list as a viewer, or look at the archives of previous months of postings. I recommend all of you to that site.

The official site of the SCA, Inc. is ( The current Governing Documents are available here ( The Budget is available here (

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