A Radical Proposal - No Memberships/All Members.
Short name - Participation Membership Proposal. (PMP)

By Frederick of Holland (Flieg Hollander)

         Thank you for looking in on my Proposal. Please feel free to download and copy any portion of this website for the purposes of study or further discussion. Please revisit the site periodically, as new information, especially in the Q&A section, will be added on a regular basis.
         Please take time to at least read the "Why", "What", "Proposal" and "Discussion" sections, though I think you'll find that all of them are relevant. No section is more than two pages long, and most of them are less than that.
         You can send me a comment (here).
         Please communicate your feelings on this proposal to the Board of Directors.

Table of Contents: (modified 7/14/03)

History and bits:
News -- 14 July, 2003 Changed Website to reflect potential use as a reference in a Board Survey.
Recent History of the PMP proposal and the Board -- 14 July, 2003 *new*
Question and Answer Dec. 6 -- Upgrade (and continually under construction)

The Proposal Itself:
Why am I doing this?
Some History
What I am doing.
What is the Proposal supposed to do?
What does the Proposal NOT do.
What can you do?
The Proposal itself.
Discussion of the Proposal
              Default Procedure for maintaining a group roster 
Implementation of the Proposal
Bottom Line
Suggested Changes to Corporate Documents.

Plan B

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