The Vision

Frederick of Holland - May 1, xxxvi

The King he sits on his high Throne
His people rejoice in his rule
His Court is assembled in bright array
And laughs at the japes of his Fool

The Queen on her Throne is wise and fair
Her beauty illumines the hall
She inspires in folk every art, every skill
And gracious she is unto all.


      Oh, I have dreamed these dreams
      Awake, I'm dreaming still
      And I am up in the morning light
      To work these dreams with my will.

The Knight stands ready to take any Quest
He worships his Lady fair
His armor shines bright in the noonday sun
His banner embraces the air.

The yeoman works hard with his plow and his scythe
His sword and his shield as well
He takes up his weapons to defend his land
But does not in battle dwell


The artisan strives to form beauty true
In metal and stone and wood.
He teaches his students to do as he does;
To make every thing that is good.

The herald names all who would fight in the Lists
He knows all their ranks and their skill
In the Court he will tell of the acts of the King
To enemies speak Royal will


A vision I saw, a dream of dreams,
Like banners on breeze unfurled
Above an army of worthy folk
Who would bring their dreams to the world

The world is made up of dreamers' dreams
But not made of dreams alone
We must take up tools and sweat in the sun
To build them in wood and stone.

(then repeat chorus with "We have")

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