Participation Membership Proposal

What needs to be rewritten:

This is the my proposed re-writing of certain of the governing documents. It will expand as I have time and people call to my attention sections of the governing documents which will be affected. You can get a copy of the Governing Documents from the SCA website.

As far as I can tell, the Articles of Incorporation do not have to be changed. The By-Laws only have to be changed minimally (see below). We actually start with the lowest priority section, the Corporate Policies:

The Corporate Policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.


Membership in the SCA is open to any interested individual who has not been denied membership by the Board of Directors of the SCA.

B. Non-Statutory Members

The Board of Directors has designated the following category of advisory membership. Such advisory members are not members within the meaning of Section 5056 of the California Corporations Code. California law supports the SCA's use of the terms "member" and "membership" in the common English meaning, referring to persons who have paid to be associated with the organization.

1. Participatory Member: Any natural person who has attended at least one SCA regular event or two SCA group activity meetings in the last two years shall be regarded as an advisory member. Proof of membership, if it is needed, will be provided by a dated receipt from an event for the payment of the site fee or a similar receipt signed by an officer of the group acknowledging that they have attended two group activity meetings (for those who don't get to events much but who are otherwise active at the local level). Group activity meetings are such things as business meetings, fighter practices, guild meetings, demonstrations for the public and other similar activities of the SCA.


1. Access to Membership

Membership in the SCA is open to any interested individual, without restriction of age or citizenship. Membership can be terminated only by: (1) lapse due to inactivity (more than two years since last participation), or (2) action of the Board of Directors.

Then we re-write all the portions of Corpora and the like which refer to membership and newsletter subscriptions and make them into "access to information published in the newsletter". If you spot parts that will need to be rewritten and want to try your hand at it, feel free. Or let me know.

Revocation and Denial of Membership will be as currently constituted, or possibly improved, but that's the subject for a different proposal.

I see the possibility that Autocrats will vie to make their receipts/membership cards prettier so that each person will want one of theirs rather than just a stub of a receipt. After the first few events under the new regime, the number of people wanting receipts will be relatively few per event unless the receipt is really pretty. (Small additional cost to events is possible.)

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(modified 2 December, 2002)