The West Kingdom Welcome Committee is offering to pay the $3 Non-Member Surcharge to welcome you to the West Kingdom. We are a group of West Kingdom subjects, mostly SCA members, who hold that all subjects of the Crown are equal, and that membership in the mundane corporation is irrelevant to your worth. We have decided to put our money where our mouths are. We welcome you to the West, and hope that you will accept this gift of our appreciation of you.

This is a gift from us to you.  
You cannot pay it back.  
(You can, however, pay it forward.)

What can you do to pay it forward? Any of the following:
  1. Help an autocrat. The autocrat for this event probably has everything she needs, but keep an ear out for cries for help, and definitely look up  the autocrat for the next event in your area and volunteer.

  2. Help an officer. Heralds, marshals, chatelaine, constables, all need volunteer help -- quite possibly at this event. Again, if they are well-staffed now, consider volunteering for the next event. In between events, consider helping the scribes or the heralds (and learn an art at the same time).

  3. Make someone (or even yourself) a new piece of garb, to improve the appearance of the West Kingdom.

  4. Learn a new art, do a project, share it with your friends, and enter an Arts or Sciences Competition.  The SCA is about Doing, not Watching.

  5. Make a Neat Period Thing and show it off to everyone.

  6. Go to court.  The whole thing is much more fun if everyone is going.

  7. Be courteous to someone. Offer to help someone who needs it.

  8. Buy a membership in the SCA, Inc. We aren't forcing you to do anything, but the form is on the back of this flier.

  9. Donate some money or effort to the West Kingdom Welcome Committee.

 10.  You decide. We trust you to think of something good.

 You can contact the WKWC by talking to Duke Frederick of Holland at an event, e-mailing him at flieg@socrates.berkeley.edu, or writing to him at 3334 California Street, Berkeley, CA, 94703.  The WKWC is not a part of  the SCA, Inc. We are a group of private individuals who have more emotion than sense, but see clearly anyhow. Donations to the WKWC are NOT tax-deductible, sorry.
Our website is http://xray.cchem.berkeley.edu/flieg2/wkwc

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