The City of Light

               Frederick of Holland, June xxxix

Round the City of Light where it always is day
We have built a strong wall to keep Darkness at bay.
In the City of Light there are shadows.

So we strive every day to defeat that black night
And to cast out the Dark from the City of Light;
Still the City of Light harbors shadows.

(Oh) The servants of Dark are a shape-shifting lot,
They may seem like us but we know that they're not;
In the City of Light they cast shadows.

Look, he casts a shadow, so raise up a shout.
He has done nothing yet, still we must cast him out
From the City of Light to the shadows.

We have shackled him fast and dragged him to the gate,
But now we look down, and oh, horrible fate:
In the City of Light we cast shadows.

If we rush to judgment of neighbor or peer
Then we will become what we rightfully fear
And the City of Light fall to shadows.

But hold our faith fast and defend what is right
And with every deed build the great City of Light
Then we never will have to fear shadows.

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