Participation Membership Proposal

Why am I doing this?

There are several reasons why I am putting forward this proposal. Most of them are personal and all of them have to do with my love of the SCA as an organization. Not as a Corporation, although that is an unfortunate necessity of the mundane world which we occupy, but as the organization which all of you know and love as well, the Shires, the Baronies, the Kingdoms.

That organization is based on participation in the shared reality which we create on weekends. We love and study the Middle Ages, and we re-create the parts of it which suit us best, working together. The volunteers at the gate, the autocrat teams, the people who show off their arts, the people who decorate the hall, the officers who keep things running, the heralds, the marshalls, all of us, contribute to the SCA. Anything which acts against this unity of purpose is anathema to me. "Membership" has increasingly become a separating rather than a unifying force in the SCA. So I decided to offer a proposal which changes the definition of "membership" in the SCA to include all those who actually (and actively) participate. I also decided that the same proposal should solve some of the other problems which I see as evident in the management of the SCA, Inc.

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