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14 July, 2003 (xxxviii) -- Check out the new updates in recent history. Supposedly the Board will be putting out a general questionnaire for the membership and wants to refer to my site. Since I am leaving for Pennsic shortly, I'm changing the site to reflect the proposed reference. The call for independent action is out and invitation to read is just as "in" as it ever was.

1 May, 2003 (xxxviii) -- Happy New Year A.S. 38! Thirty-eight years. Almost two thirds of my life. Go to my homepage and click on the new years link to see some musings. The Board held their meeting last weekend. The PMP and the proposed Membership Survey were not mentioned in the President's Report of the meeting posted on the SCA [ANNOUNCE] list. No one on the Board has contacted me directly yet.

11 April, 2003 (xxxvii) -- The Board has (finally!) decided that they will not send out the PMP for comment by the membership, even in the revised wording. I am putting out the call for comment anyway -- it just won't come through the website. I'll see if I can get the newsletters to put an advert in, too. Modifying the introduction page to reflect current reality and putting in the recent history of the PMP and Board Actions. Will send out the call later this afternoon.

4 March, 2003 (xxxvii) -- The wording of the announcement got changed, but it looks like it will be voted on tomorrow and up on the sca website shortly thereafter. Modified a couple of the pages to reflect where the Board wants the comments sent and to update progress (?). I've also put up some more songs and poems coming off of my personal home page.

14 February, 2003 (xxxvii) -- Minor modifications to the home page. The wording for the announcement is finalized, but not yet approved for release by the Board.

30 January, 2003 (xxxvii) - Went to the Board meeting to push the PMP. Some Directors liked portions of it. The PMP itself will not be put out for comment by the membership, but the philosophy of it will be. Working on changing the website to reflect that. The material on the PMP itself will not change, but the homepage is now changed to be a PMP home page, not just a duplicate of the table of contents. As of 30 Jan the announcement is not up on the SCA website -- it hasn't been finalized yet. Came up with a slightly different implementation as well, which is labeled as Plan B on the home page.

4 December, 2002 (xxxvii) - Received a note from Ms. Linda Moore, Chairman of the Board of Directors. The PMP will be on the agenda at the January meeting. Even if they like it, it still has to be sent out for six months of comment. Letters of support from the populace are still needed to convince them that they like it. Still and all, it's a first step.

2 December, 2002 (xxxvii) - Reworked many of the pages, primarily for appearance, but also putting a bit more explanatory text into Discussion and Implementation. Sent a version of the Proposal itself to the Board of Directors with a request that they look it over and place it on their agenda for the January, 2003 meeting. Plan to publicize the pages more thoroughly for the Christmas season.

19 November, 2002 (xxxvii) - Next planned undate will be primarily cosmetic, formatting the income and expense budget. I'll be putting in a little more info there as well.

12 November, 2002 (xxxvii) - November 11 was kept busy with answering mail, so the upgrade to Q and A didn't get done. I have now put a bunch of questions and answers into the file.

New stuff added today in other areas: Clarification of meaning of "business meeting" in the definition of member. Inclusion of a proposed method for determining status of people for pollings and counting members (available here). Clarification of "receipt" for proof of membership.

8 November, 2002 (xxxvii) - The hits keep coming. Above 900 now. I have received many comments back, and many questions. New content for Q&A will be posted on Monday.
Medieval Times will be posting a link in their next issue.

7 November, 2002 (xxxvii) - Over 600 hits on the proposal file itself in the first 24 hours. Thanks to people who reported peculiar and missing links. All reported problems with the site have been fixed. Generally favorable comment. Some interesting questions which will be added to the FAQ in the near future. Two people violently opposed, but it isn't clear why.

6 November, 2002 (xxxvii) - Created and linked all files and activated website.
Starting to publicize the url.